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Make your data sing








A Finely Tuned Process

SYMPHONY is our flagship intelligence platform that helps DMOs harness vast datasets to directly support strategic decision-making and advocacy. While more data are available to DMOs than ever before, “data overload” can produce more noise than clarity. SYMPHONY solves this challenge by efficiently processing data, creating harmonized reporting, and automatically delivering decision-ready reports to internal and external stakeholders.

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Data can be dissonant

Data comes from multiple sources

Data frequency and formats vary

Implications of data are often unclear

Responsibilities grow but resources are the same



Make your data sing...all in the same key

Process data in a timely way

Create uniform reports that combine sources

Assess implications for decision making

Distribute useful content to various stakeholders

DJ's Crowd


SYMPHONY will reduce the noise and make your data perform

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Sample Data Sources & Partners

Tourism Economics provides the industry with the most comprehensive geographic coverage of travel trends available. Our subscription forecast data-sets, as well as custom forecast models, are designed to inform sales and marketing strategies.   SYMPHONY integrates Tourism Economics' extensive global databanks, third-party data sources, and client-provided data to provide clients with unparalleled clarity.

Domestic & International
Visitation & Spending
  • Global Travel Service by Tourism Economics

  • International State Travel by Tourism Economics

  • Global City Travel by Tourism Economics

  • Air Passenger Forecasts by Tourism Economics

  • Custom Visitation and Lodging Forecasts

  • Economic Impact

  • Economic ROI

  • Budget Scenario Planning

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

  • US Census American Community Survey (ACS) 

  • Bureau of Economic Analysis (County Business Patterns)

  • Oxford Economics Global Economics Databank

  • Geospatial Data

  • ESRI

Visitor Behavior &
Traveler Sentiment
  • Geolocation (Near, Arrivalist etc.)

  • Longwoods

  • Destination Analysts

  • VisaVue International Data

  • SurveyMonkey

  • Qualtrics

  • Google Forms

  • NTTO Survey of International Air Travelers  (SIAT)

Search & Bookings

  • Kayak

  • Expedia

  • Open Table

Marketing & Social Media
  • Media Attribution (Adara, Arrivalist, UberMedia,      Madden Media etc.)

  • Sprout Social

  • Facebook Ads

  • Facebook & Instagram Insights

  • Google Analytics

  • Twitter

  • IDSS by Tempest

  • Simpleview

  • Future Pace

  • Knowland (TAP report)

  • Cvent

  • ConferenceDirect

  • STR

  • TravelClick

  • KalibriLabs


  • AlltheRooms

  • Transparent

  • VRBO

and many more...
Data Sources
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  • Market KPI Reporting

  • Recovery Tracking

  • Lodging Performance

  • Visits & Origin Markets

  • Geospatial Analytics


& Advocacy

  • Economic Impact

  • Forecasts & Predictive Analysis

  • Segment Analysis

  • Need Period Tracking

  • Economic Tracking

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  • Marketing ROI

  • Website Analytics

  • Campaign Results

  • Social Media Performance

Marketing Strategy

  • Social Audience & Sentiment

  • Media Planning

  • Predictive Tracking

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Sales Analysis

  • Sales Performance Tracking

  • Booking Pace/Need Periods

  • Rooms on the Books

  • Sales Funnel & Lead Volume

  • Lead Source Analysis

  • Goal Setting

  • Sales Strategy

  • Event Impact

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Tourism Economics Clients

Tourism Economics serves 500+ destinations, companies, and associations each year
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"Valley Forge Convention & Tourism & Board ‘s partnership with Tourism Economics continues to excel with the release of their SYMPHONY platform.  The insights provided by TE and SYMPHONY are critical to our team, elected officials, and all our industry partners as we are constantly looking for relevant data and trends to share with internal and external stakeholders to inform strategic decisions."

Mike Bowman

President & CEO

Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board


"Each year Visit SLO CAL spends well into six figures on data and analytics from a number of sources to help inform our business.  However, it wasn’t until our partnership with Tourism Economics, on their Symphony platform, that the data and the insights came to life.  Symphony combines all our data into one easy to view platform, while providing collective overall insights into the combined data, with individual community reporting.  Symphony has made a significant difference in the way we and our community look at data and our local elected officials appreciate the opportunity to understand what is happening in their specific city each month.  In the end, it has been a game changer for how our partners use data to inform their business decisions."

Chuck Davison

President & CEO


"Tourism Economics’ Symphony combines data sources from multiple platforms and allows us to analyze and present our data to internal and external stakeholders in an efficient and easily digestible way.  It has become a valuable tool that has improved our ability to quickly gain insights and track industry performance, and it is highly valued by our board of directors and key stakeholders."

Steve Byrne

Executive Director

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